Koniec The Bakery v.2



Koniec The Bakery v.2


Adam69 z TCU przekazał światu oficjalne oświadczenie Briana na temat statusu Piekarni. Niestety już drugi raz w tym roku najsłynniejszy w dzisiejszym internecie skatepark z Chicago musi zniknąć i szukać dla siebie lepszego miejsca. Przyczyną, tak jak i poprzednim razem były problemu z umową najmu hali w której znajdował się park. Wszystkie przeszkody zostaną usunięte i zbunkrowane w magazynie, oczekując na kolejne, trzecie już wcielenie spotu.

Baker's dozen Rossa  pokazujący park przed i po pierwszej zmianie lokalizacji. 


Angielski tekst z oświadczeniem i generalnymi podziękowaniami dla wszystkich którzy tworzyli miejsce, jego klimat, kręcili filmy oraz je oglądali:

“2013 has been the best year The Bakery has seen since it’s birth in 2011. In 2013 we have torn down, rebuilt and produced what we set to produce, quality BMX videos that highlighted some of the best BMX riders on the planet. Our Preheating, Baker’s Dozens, Special Recipes, Ingredients and Secret Recipe event all accomplished their respective goals and were a pleasure to watch and produce. Furthermore, these projects surpassed our original expectations. Combining talented people with a relentless work ethic always produces successful results.

In recent weeks The Bakery was faced with an unexpected challenge in regards to the current location. The lease agreement terms had been changed prematurely and we are unable to remain in the current location, quick action was needed. The Bakery is currently being moved into storage and the project is put on pause until a solution is reached. Two relocations in a year has been difficult, time consuming and expensive but this is not an end to The Bakery. What I have learned through all this has better equipped me for the future as I search for new options for The Bakery.

My goal from the start has been to create something special for BMX. I always want to help BMX move forward. This progress could be a pro doing a new trick, a filmer/photographer refining their skills and meeting new people, or helping the scene grow locally, nationally and internationally. I’m very proud of the work that we have done this year under that roof we called home.

As we continue to tear down the ramps/rails I have to take some time for some thanks during this transition period. A big thanks to my crew: Andrew Brady, Anthony Loconte, Paul Dybas and Tim Burkhart. These were the riders behind the lens that made this magic possible and I can’t thank them enough for being great workers and friends. Also thanks to everyone in the Chicago BMX scene who have made this place heaven on earth. There will be more great sessions, laughs and good times in the future. In addition thanks to any sponsors who we have worked with this year. Thanks for having faith and confidence in something that’s created by BMX for BMX. Most of all, thanks to everyone who’s watched a Bakery video. These are made for you.


Brian Kachinsky”